Hidden in the valley of the Pamir mountains, Pamiri house is a refuge in Khorog, on the way to the Gorno Badakhshan region of Tajiksitan.

During centuries travellers passed the Big Silk Road, connecting East and West. More than a decade ago, this region was arena for a great game between Russian empire and the Great Britain.

Today Tajiksitan is again welcoming guests.
Enjoy the captivating scenery and nice hospitality, where the traditional motifs interwave with the dynamics of the contemporary world.


- Rent of tents, placing own tents at the territory of the «Pamir Lodge»

- Translation services

- Internet Access


GBAO, Khorog, UPD area, 46 Gagarin Str.

Phone: +992 (3522) 265 45; (93) 592 10 04

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