«Sarez» was established in 1991 during the Soviet era, with the purpose to expand tourism in the regions of the Gorno Badakhshan. From 1992 to 2000, in spite of the political instability in the republic, the company was operating, however shifting from tourism to agricultural activity. Beginning from 2000 the company has started to re-establish this field again and its own activity within it - looking for new contracts and partners for promoting tourism in the region. Travel agency «Sarez» organizes exciting trips to the most beautiful and interesting places in Pamir – Lake Sarez, Fedchenko glacier, and other sightseeing of Eastern Pamir and entire Gorno Badakhshan.


  • Visa support, GBAO permir
  • Hotels reservation


  • Tours to Sarez Lake
  • Tours to Yashinkul
  • Tours to Bulunkul


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